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KLIQ is a community based radio station dedicated to serving the community through unique, high quality music, performance and public affairs programming that informs, educates, entertains and inspires. KLIQ is also a dynamic, educational resource, providing business professionals as well as students with valuable, real world experience in internet marketing, online business operations, music production, fashion, film editing, radio and media operations.

"We reflect credit upon ourselves, KLIQ RADIO STATION Radio and our listeners by holding to high standards, by serving the whole and diverse community, and by achieving local, regional, and national attention due to program excellence and outstanding performance." 

  • Maintaining the highest possible professional standards of program content, presentation and technical quality within the broadcast industry in affirmation of its leadership role in the national public radio community, as measured by the traditional standards of audience;
  • Adding to the quality of life of the community by increasing the awareness of the beauty, richness and depth of our cultural heritage through a broadly diverse presentation of music and entertainment;
  • Giving its listeners a thoughtful, thorough and well-balanced coverage of current events, personalities, social and cultural issues that affect them in their daily lives;
  • Working as a full partner with community arts organizations to advance and enrich the cultural life of the Los Angeles County area. This is accomplished through ongoing coverage of arts-related and community oriented activities within the local community and broadcasting of events and talent showcase concerts presented by community organizations as well as being a spring board for those with political aspirations;
  • Promoting the rich cultural heritage and resources of Los Angeles and its surrounding cities to a national world wide audience through network distribution of locally produced programs and services.